The Council awards membership of the Institute in the following categories:

  • Associate Member (ASM)
  • without franchise Professional Member (SAIMAS Professional)
  • enfranchised Corporate Member (CMS)
  • enfranchised (One vote) Student Membership

The Council considers membership as follows:

Associate Membership can be awarded to any person who is interested in the activities of the Institute, subscribes to the objectives of the Institute, and/or underwent training, but has not yet fulfilled the minimum requirements of trained members as prescribed by the Council.

Professional Membership may be awarded to any person who meets the examination requirements of the Institute; and/or acquired an applicable 3-year post-school qualification; and/or disposes over a qualification equal to the curriculum/equivalent specific subject requirement as determined by the Council.

Professional Membership Certificate certifies adequate training and experience in management services practice; specific subcategory, i.e. human resources, information technology, operations management, etc. A member to whom professional membership is granted may show their membership of the Institute by writing (PMS) after his name. Corporate Membership may be awarded to anybody, firm, institution or government institute who actively promote the objectives of the Institute.

Student Membership can be awarded to any person who is interested in the activities of the Institute, subscribes to the objectives of the Institute and is a bonafide full-time or part-time student, who has not yet fulfilled the minimum requirements of trained members as prescribed by the Council. A member to whom Student Membership has been granted, may indicate their membership of the Institute by writing SAIMAS Student after their name.

The Council shall issue to all members a membership certificate that is signed by the President and Secretary of the Institute, and certifies that the member concerned is adequately trained and experienced in a specific management service practice.


INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP Your application for individual membership could just be the best career decision you ever make! Just think of some of the advantages: Membership of a recognised Institute of high standing that normally has as its patron a high ranking personality in the business world or a similar leading person. A sense of belonging to an 
association of more than 1000 like-minded colleagues. A chance to meet and network with associates to discuss problems and solutions of mutual interest. Access to latest developments in the management services field. The Institute recognises the necessity for progressive development and the need to keep members in touch with new ideas and techniques. Members are encouraged to participate in activities that the different branches and divisions of the Institute organize. Preferential fees to workshops and seminars arranged under the aegis of the Institute. Advice and guidance regarding specific and related training courses. A quarterly magazine/newsletter that focuses on various 
techniques, case studies, work measurement and productivity issues, enabling readers to keep abreast of developments in the profession. Social news items and contributions from members and experts in various fields are published.

Conferences, seminars and demonstrations are arranged to enhance the knowledge and skills of members and to promote productivity and quality of working life. Training aimed at the needs of its members. SAIMAS prescribes the contents of specific management services courses and will only recognise qualifications obtained if such courses are moderated to its satisfaction. SAIMAS is the official management services professional body representing the management services profession officially at bodies like tertiary institutions.


Corporate members receive the following benefits: Corporate members are entitled to receive four newsletters/magazines and copies of any other reading material per issue.

Corporate members may send representatives (maximum of three) to the General/Special Annual Meetings of the Institute. Only one representative can vote during these meetings. Corporate members annually receive, after having paid their membership dues, a certificate as proof of their corporate membership. Corporate members receive all correspondence to individual members of the Institute. The representatives  (maximum of three) of corporate members are entitled to